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Quepid makes improving your app's search results a repeatable, reliable engineering process that the whole team can understand

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Need Better Search? Take Control with Quepid

Built by search experts at OpenSource Connections, Quepid puts your team in control of your Solr & Elasticsearch search results. Using test-driven techniques, content experts and marketing teams can efficiently define and track search correctness. With this foundation, you'll never slide backwards and can fully leverage the power of open source search.

Quepid is available as a free, hosted service - try it now - and is built on open source software allowing you to download and build it into your own infrastructure.

Solving search relevancy for:

Search Developer

Alan Woodward, Flax
Lucene/Solr Committer

"Quepid lets me experiment, adjust and tune the search engine based on immediate and accurate feedback - it's a fantastic platform for debugging and improving relevance."

Subject Matter Expert

Rena Morse, Silverchair

"Quepid has been a game-changer for us...We’ve solved and avoided numerous customer issues, and I’ve been able to feel more confident that my feedback on search quality directly funnels into our search relevancy algorithm."

Content Manager

Will Carter, Advance Auto Parts

"I’m very concerned when my work doesn’t show up in our Solr search results like it should. But with Quepid, we are now working together like speed chess players, tweaking config settings, defining success and swapping out dozens of test queries in a flash."